Forum is open!

May. 24, 2017

Forum is ready to use - Further development ahead

This is the link to our first ever community forum! please read the rules before you start posting, I wish you all good time over there!


May. 21, 2017

Playing Schedule and Match Results

Please have decency and don't lie about match results! If you had a spectator ask him to send the result via contact form or PM 1v1Cup, S4yed or LM10. Everyone can freely negotiate about match times and server.

VERY IMPORTANT: As of now, match rules are updated, please read rules section. You have to start a custom game for the 1v1 cup, on SMALL pitch and with referee of your choice (only realistic or balanced referee). No extra balls and of course no bots allowed.

Official TPM Community Events Page

Registration Closed! Check Groups Tab!

Registration is now officially closed! Be sure to read the rules and ask if you got any questions. Contact form can be found here.

Check out the Groups tab!


Current signups:


  • Riedler
  • LM10
  • Menes
  • Darren Polka
  • LampiQ
  • Mahrez
  • Kapi
  • PanDeff
  • kenan2003
  • M.Reus
  • Chino
  • Yato
  • 10 Ronaldinho
  • messynotmessi
  • Maradona
  • Marlone. (davi123)
  • Adi_LFC

Awards and Plans


 We are hoping to get enough people to register, so we could get it into a running community event. Of course best players would receive (invisible) awards and (invisible) monetary prizes 😀