1v1 Cup Rules

Read carefully, and be sure to follow the rules 🙂


  • You can sign up to the 1v1 cup with only one nickname. Please choose carefully.
  • Tournament will start with group stage. 4 groups containing 4-5 players each. Win - 3pts, Draw 1pt, Loss - 0pts.
  • Progression is in classic knockout stages format. A1-B2 etc. In Group stage AND in playoff stage, there will be two games played between 2 opponents.
  • Players can't swap groups between each other or do any contract games. The tournament games will always be played with a neutral player in spectators.
  • If a player disconnects during game or something unexpected occurs, the game will continue but the opposing player is not allowed to score. When the player doesn't return/has a re-occurring problem, the game can be negotiated to be moved or forfeitted by the problematic side.
  • Players should not throw verbal remarks or try to taunt opponent. It's fair game after all and wantom fouling and cursing will lead to disqualification.
  • Tiebreaker in group stage will be More Goals Scored, Less Goals Conceded, More Goals Scored Against Strongest Opponent.
  • Ball is allowed to be given to goalie in anu circumstances and players are allowed to take goalkeeper positions during penalty kicks (but not free kicks or kickoffs to boost). Using goalie switch in and out will lead to warning.
  • Players can negotiate with opponent about which server the game should be held in. For example when a Southern American player meets European player in group stage, they can play in USA or when both agree on either side of the pond.
  • When you lag, notice your opponent about it immediately so time wouldn't be lost, and you could start a new one at a more conveniant time.


Breaking rules will lead to warnings and disqualification at furthest issue. Please be nice to others and play soccer not rugby 🙃